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The Platform Cafe

The Platform is a community cafe promoting vegetarian and healthy food. It's a space dedicated to the community offering affordable lunch, the possibility to volunteer and acquire catering experiences, to rent the space for souper club, workshop, events etc... 


Our history 

The Platform Cafe has been created in 2017. It was a unused space belonging to the Lambeth Council. It is currently managed by Meanwhile Space.

The cafe volunteer decided to invest in this space to create a space dedicated to the community. 

Currently the cafe volunteers are working on business plan to create a fully independent project and gain the management of the space. 

The space is open to rent for private events, workshop, supper club, training or other. 

The cafe volunteers work a a feasibility application to renovate the space to answer better to the need of the surrounded community. 

We hope that it will be a great showcase for the business developing opposite in the future LJ Works Project  


What we do 

The community farm cafe has been staffed and run by local volunteers from the area, who come to support the project, socialise and learn new skills.


Every Friday and Thursday local residents are invited to cook in the space, sharing their cooking skills, culture and food. They harvest vegetables from the Loughborough Farm community garden directly opposite, meaning as much of the food as possible is zero miles and organic. 

We collect food surplus from the Borough market to produce our great quality lunch. 

We also support local business by selling local and handmade natural beauty products as well as pottery, textiles and others.


Join us

The Platform Cafe is open every Thursday and Friday from 11 am to 3 pm. 

Join us a between this time to enjoy a cheap healthy lunch in your area. 

If you want to volunteer please pop in for 10am for the setup and the services or if you prefer the rest of the tidy up time join us for a wrapping up around 2:30pm. 

If you want to cook as a guest chef please contact 

Alternatively, you can join our Loughborough Farm mailing list to receive regular updates on what is happening at The Platform Cafe by registering on the form at the bottom of this page 

You can also help us with a donation. All donations will help the project to sustain.

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